Pirelli P-Zero World opens up in Melbourne.

Pirelli has opened up it’s premium retail and brand experience center in Melbourne, offering top level products and services for drivers who expect the very best. Welcome to P ZERO WORLD.

The P Zero World store, located in Preston, is the fifth of its kind around the world, chosen due to the amount of high-end vehicles registered in Australia in 2019. The other P Zero World locations were opened in Los Angeles in 2016, Munich in 2017, Monaco in 2018, and Dubai at the start of 2019.

“We are preparing something similar to the expectations to the users of these cars. So let’s say the owner of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Pagani, they’re going to find a place similar to the expectations according to the car they have.” said Dimitris Papadakos, CCO for Pirelli north-east Asia and Pacific

The Victorian capital city also has a high concentration of Italian residents – with reports that more than 36 per cent of Australia’s Italian population resides there, making it a perfect fit for Pirelli’s flagship super-store.

Valet Car services and courtesy cars are among the exclusive benefits offered to P Zero World customers, as well as one of Pirelli’s very own track experts also on hand; who is able to advise on the ideal set up for each car whether its for road or track use.

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