BMW 3 Series takes out top honours in Carsales Car Of The Year 2019

Congratulations to BMW for taking out top honours in the Carsales Car Of The Year 2019!

The All-New 3 Series came first in a total pool of 18 vehicles after a multi-stage judging process. The Volkswagen Toureg and BMW X3 were also highly commended.

“After extensive testing, the latest BMW 3 Series claimed top honours as the 2019 carsales Car of the Year presented by Shell V-Power,” said carsales Managing Editor, Marton Pettendy.

“The BMW 3 Series is not only the finest premium sports sedan in a decade, it is the most compelling new model released in Australia this year.”

Released in Australia in March 2019, the latest 3 Series is the seventh generation of the benchmark mid-size luxury car. In previous generations, the 3 Series has been BMW’s top-seller Down Under and remains a firm local favourite.

BMW Group Australia CEO, Vikram Pawah, stated: “BMW Group Australia is delighted and honoured that the 3 series has won the coveted carsales Car of the Year award.

“Its success against a highly competitive segment and the rigorous testing undertaken by the carsales testing team confirms this impressive sport sedan’s breadth of ability, from superior driving dynamics to customer-centric luxury features and intuitive technology.”

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BMW Australia

Test Review
  • 4.2/10
    Test 1 - 4.2/10
  • 10/10
    Test 2 - 10/10
  • 0.3/10
    test 3 - 0.3/10
  • 4.9/10
    test 4 - 4.9/10


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