Škoda unveils their 2020 Octavia, with updated tech and features!

The fourth generation of Škoda’s top-selling Octavia has been revealed and it has arrived hosting a lot of new features.

The latest generation of the Octavia is instantly recognizable. From every angle. It builds on the third generation’s design language to look much more dynamic and self-assured. Full LED Matrix headlights will light up your way, while the traditional C-shaped signature tail lights are enhanced by dynamic indicators.

Oliver Stefani, Škoda’s head of design, says: “The Octavia’s core values have always been functionality, practicality, elegance and timeless design. In the new generation, we have focused on placing even more of an accent on ‘design’ as an established value. The all-new Octavia is more dynamic and emotionally charged than ever, yet remains functional and practical. We have managed to combine these aspects very effectively and I am sure that customers will love it.”

The driver and passengers will feel pampered in the brand new interior. “The spacious and airy interior comes with all-new architecture, but remains faithful to the typical Škoda line, which perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. The dashboard shape has been inspired by the characteristic face of Škoda cars and incorporates support for the hand so that it is easier for the driver to control the free-standing display,” says Oliver Stefani.

The all-new Octavia is the first Škoda to feature a head-up display. Another revolutionary innovation is the DSG automatic transmission with a shift-by-wire system, which has made it possible to replace the selector lever with a small control module. This has fundamentally altered the way the centre console looks. The multifunction two-spoke steering wheel has also never been seen before. On-board entertainment is provided by third-generation infotainment systems, with the top-of-the-range version offering a 10-inch all-glass display. Efficient climate control is in the hands of the three-zone automatic air-conditioning.

New safety features are another important area. Here, too, the all-new Octavia has made great strides. It is the first Škoda model, for example, to offer Collision-Avoidance Assist, designed to make evasive steering around a sudden obstacle easier and more precise, Turn Assist, making left turns even safer (in left-hand-drive cars), and Exit Warning, alerting you if opening the door could cause a collision with a passing car or a cyclist. Another new feature, Local Traffic Information, can warn you about traffic risks on the road. The system can alert you, for example, to black ice on the road or to obstructions.

The all-new Octavia is not only beautiful to look at, but has also maintained and enhanced its practicality. Its already impressive boot volume has grown by 30 litres to total 640 litres in the estate version, while the liftback now accommodates 600 litres, up 10 litres on the previous generation.

Image and Editorial Source Credit: Škoda

Škoda Australia has been said to have indicated that the 2020 Octavia will be arriving Down Under during the first quarter of 2021.

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