The Ultimate Civic Type R

Honda unveils what they’re calling “The Ultimate Civic Type R”

Last week, Honda unveiled the Civic Type R Limited Edition and its set to be “the purest Civic Type R” to date. Expect, then, some performance upgrades and a few design tweaks.

The new Type R has been developed with track performance being its core focus. Building onto the already dynamic abilities of the current model, Honda has added some lightweight components to make this not only the most extreme Civic Type R to date, but also the most dynamic front wheel drive hatch on the market, according to them.


Showing off the new 20-inch BBS lightweight alloys

The limited edition Civic gets a brand new, exclusive, bright paint job called “Sunlight Yellow” along with a new dark chrome badge for the rear. Other notable changes are the gloss black roof, new wing mirrors and an intake vent on the bonnet. 

Aiding the style and performance of the car are the new 20-inch lightweight BBS forged alloy wheels which are held on the road by Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres, which are specifically engineered for high-speed track use.

All of which ring true to Honda’s sporty heritage and make this model a standout proposition amongst its peers.

On the inside Honda continues with the sporty trend with red bucket seats, a new red-accented Alcantara steering wheel and a new teardrop gear knob. Another nice touch is the builder’s plaque each car receives with its build number.


Honda retains the iconic three tailpipe design to deal with the 228 kW and 400 nM power delivery

The Civic Type R Limted Edition engineering team shed some extra weight by removing the sound-deadening material on the roof, rear hatch panel, front bumper and dashboard. When it came to practicality, Honda decided to retain the rear seats to not compromise too much on the everyday usability of its beloved hatch.

The new Type R Limited Edition retains the powerful 2.0-litre VTEC turbo engine. Outputs are still the same at 228 kW at a healthy 6500 rpm and 400 Nm at 2500-4500 rpm.

Honda Introduces LogR

Honda introduces new technology with the new Civic Type R in the form of Honda LogR. LogR is a brand-new performance data logger that is exclusive to Type R.

The new system combines the Type R’s onboard computer and sensors along with a smartphone app to help drivers monitor, as well as record, the data of a variety of performance parameters. According to Honda, this information will assist drivers in better their on- and off-track driving ability

Honda LogR has three main functions: Performance Monitor, Log Mode and Auto Score mode. Below are the details from Honda directly.

Performance Monitor 

When connected to the app-equipped smartphone, the Type R’s centre screen displays a Performance Monitor, which allows the driver to see vehicle functions in real time, including gear position, coolant and oil temperatures, oil and atmospheric pressures, and engine intake air temperatures.

Drivers can also choose between a “G-Meter” view that indicates acceleration, braking and cornering on a “bowl” graph, or a “3D” view that provides a bird’s-eye visual of the car’s cornering, braking and acceleration behaviour. Additionally, the Display Audio screen shows the current drive mode – Comfort, Sport or +R.

Log Mode

Log Mode is designed to help drivers achieve the best possible lap times on the track. The program uses GPS to monitor and map the vehicle’s location and the car’s internal sensors to gather data on acceleration, braking, cornering G and other parameters. The app encourages smooth, controlled driving through the use of a colour-coded trace of each lap. The goal is to encourage smooth inputs to the clutch, gear shift, steering, brakes and accelerator to keep the car balanced and thus improve overall driving skills, not just the skills required for a particular track. Users can save their lap times to compare their improvement over time. 

Auto Score 

The Auto Score function operates whenever the Honda LogR app is in use, monitoring the driver’s behavior over time by tracking inputs for acceleration, deceleration, turning, and straight-line driving, and generating a score for each; it also generates a combination score of those four parameters. The score is generated against the same expert driver baseline that is built into the app and used in the Log Mode function.

We will feature more on the LogR if we are lucky enough to test one of these units. With only a few models designated to Australia, chances of that happening are slim right now.

The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is set to arrive on our shores in the first half of 2021 with prices and more details to be unveiled closer to the time. 

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