Koenigsegg Gemera: The 4 Seater Hypercar That Could Save Internal Combustion

The headline is a big statement. Let me explain. Forget what you know about fossil fuels and internal combustion engines, battery powered cars, hybrids and pretty much anything to do with moving a vehicle from one place, to another. This, right here, is the future. And it looks pretty good from where we’re sitting.

Akrapovič exhaust system for the twin-turbo 2.0l three-cylinder engine



  1. relating to the ear or the sense of hearing.

The sound a car makes. It is and has always been one of the fundamental elements of what makes it such an unforgettable experience. No matter what your preference might be, from aftermarket turbos to a gut-churning Italian V12, the sound a car makes is our language. And it is under threat.

It’s no secret that we are heading into an unsure future in terms of internal combustion engines due to the eminent changes of the global climate, both metaphorical and literal. Governments are cracking down on production, emission regulations are changing the way exhausts work, fuel levies are making people downgrade… The list goes on.

Why, then, is the Gemera so important? It’s not really a car that is relevant to most people on the road as starting prices will be North of $1,5M USD. Then it’s not the actual car that is going to save us. No. The reason this car is integral to the industry is what it has accomplished. Look at the statistics:

Total output: 1700 bhp – 3500 Nm, including Hydracoup*

Max wheel torque: 11,000 Nm at ICE 4000 rpm

Seats: 4

Range: 1000km

CO2 Emission: Up to 0 (zero)**

Notice the ZERO CO2 emission I dropped in there. Notice the range. Notice the insane amount of power and torque this thing creates. All of this in a 4 seater car that can carry up to 4 full size travel suitcases. Its comfortable too, apparently.

Creature comforts in a Hypercar

How they’ve done it is astonishing and the technical details are on their website which we’ve linked below but it is nothing short of astonishing and to be honest, got me jumping off of my seat while watching the reveal.

The magnificent doors on the Gemera

In short, Koenigsegg has created not only the first 4-seater Hypercar, or Mega GT as they call it, but have also made one of the biggest statements in the motoring industry in recent years. If I’m right, and I really hope I am, this will kick-start a revolution for car manufacturing that will keep us enjoying one of the most important things about an internal combustion engine for years to come: The sound.

Visit Koenigsegg’s website for all the technical information on the Gemera by clicking here

*HydraCoup is basically a very advanced torque converter with lock-up functionality; the all-important linchpin that allows smooth and progressive power transfer from the combustion engine to the Regera’s single-speed driveline.

**Claims by Koenigsegg are based on using the best alternatives of alcohols. Details on their website.

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