AMG GT R Pro Set For Launch in Australia

Mercedes-Benz is set to launch their craziest track focussed AMG car yet. Starting at $453,200.

AMG’s wildest track focussed model yet
Engine4.0-litre bi-turbo V8, AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G
Power430kW – 6250 rpm
Torque700Nm – 2100 and 5500 rpm

Potent Power. Epic Performance.

The AMG GT R Pro sticks with the winning combination of their 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 and AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G seven-speed gearbox. The engine sends 430 kW (at 6250 rpm) and 700 Nm (between 2100 and 5500 rpm) to the rear wheels only which is sure to give owners a proper race car feel.

AMG 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 produces 430 kW (at 6250 rpm) and 700 Nm (between 2100 and 5500 rpm)

The 0-100km/h sprint takes a very respectable 3.6 seconds but this car comes to life on the track. Along with the roll-cage, upgraded suspension, light-weight components and aerodynamic design, the Pro was able to lap the Nürburgring ‘Nordschleife’ in Germany in 7 min 04.632 sec, more than six seconds quicker than the GT R on which it is based.

Track Upgrades

The front axle is fitted with an adjustable torsion bar made of lightweight carbon-fibre. Its steel counterpart at the rear is likewise adjustable, and also saves weight due to its hollow tube design.

A carbon-fibre shear panel in the underbody of the rear end also contributes to handling precision. Lightweight and rigid, it stiffens the rear-end structure to add even more stability to the body shell.

Electronically controlled dynamic engine and transmission mounts from the GT R have been retuned to further increase agility and deliver high-precision response and clear feedback.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO also includes the Track Package, comprising a bolted steel roll cage and two rear braces and four-point safety harnesses for driver and front passenger (in addition to three-point seatbelts required for road compliance). The system further improves the already excellent vehicle rigidity, with a positive influence on driving dynamics.

The performance upgrades are also reliant on the new aero tricks. Mercedes-Benz says:

“The overall performance of the AMG GT R PRO is also enhanced by aerodynamic fine-tuning. The redesigned front apron is fitted with two flics at the sides made of clear-coated carbon fibre…  

At the rear, a clear-coated carbon-fibre aero element at the wheel arch on either side rises up vertically almost to the level of the tail lights.”

AMG means business with the GT R Pro. Carbon fiber has been used extensively across the car to save weight (and look boss). Lightweight bucket seats, interior trim, mirror housing… All carbon fiber. To shed some extra weight, the brakes are made of fade-resistant ceramic high-performance compound brakes and the 5 spoke wheels forged to specifically be sturdy while light.

Exclusive Racer

Only 750 units are initially set for production with only 15 earmarked for Australia. South African numbers are yet to be confirmed but there will most likely be a few of these set for the S.A. shores.

With a starting price of $453,200 and the limited edition, the AMG GT R Pro certainly has an air of exclusivity about it. Can it hold its value like the Black Edition models, though?

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